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The users are impatient (and sometimes they should be). Help them if you can.

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6.00 avg. rating (100% score) - 2 votes Collaboration is fun, and the saying: “the more, the merrier” really do applies when it comes with working with contents in SharePoint. Not saying that everyone should do everything, but the more people that have a chance to be a part of a collaboration process the better. In many scenarios it is not well suited to have all users in the company active directory, instead custom memebership providers are used. Back in the MOSS 2007 days, form based authentication (FBA) was managed by SharePoint itself. Now with SharePoint 2010 it all relies on claims, a part of the Windows Identity Foundation (to read more about WIF, read the excellent whitepaper about claims architecture by David Chappel, and if you want to know what a claim looks like read this blog post by Wictor Wilén). I will not cover any more in this post about why and when you should use FBA. The focus here is what to do when you have already made your architectural decision. Something that I often find useful when it comes to implementing a custom membership provider solution is the possibility to administer when a user is asked to provide a valid…

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